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Thread: Maestro MA -PRO Neutral and conventional 3 way switches

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    Maestro MA -PRO Neutral and conventional 3 way switches

    I want to replace 3 way switches on a LED lighting circuit and have two questions. I have erplaced t8 fl lamps with dimmable inline 120v led lamps:
    Does it have to have a neutral for the maestro 3 way dimmer?
    Can I use a conventional 3 way switch with the new maestro dimmer?
    Thanks for any info on this

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    Hello jknsd,

    We recommend attaching the neutral to the MA-PRO for enhanced performance and stability but this is not a requirement. This dimmer also must be used with a companion model MA-R in a 3-way configuration. However, you may install the MA-PRO on the line or load side!

    Please take a look at page 7 in the Maestro PRO specification sheet for 3-way wiring diagrams:

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