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Thread: New Home Construction Dali-2 vs. DMX vs. Ketra

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    New Home Construction Dali-2 vs. DMX vs. Ketra


    I am a homeowner with a tech background and researching the best solution for our needs. We are renovating our house and plan to put in a Homeworks system for lighting & shades.

    • Tuneable white
    • .01% Dimming
    • Future-proofing system

    Ketra system - The light fixtures are super expensive and can't afford to wire the whole house in Ketra. We have concerns about the longevity of Clear Connect type x.

    DMX system - The protocol has been around a very long time but I am concerned about its staying power. I read it has better performance than Dali-2 but is tricky to install. God forbid we need to pull out the homework system hopefully, we can find another solution to control the down light with the DMX drivers.

    Dali 2 system - More popular in the EU than in the US (where we live). I read there is some issues with popcorning with the Dali-2 Lutron model. I called Lutron support to ask about it and was told popcorning is a dealer config issue and there is nothing wrong with the system. Interestingly, Lutron's new Anetha system supports Dali-2 and has no DMX support.

    Homeworks Digital - protocol does not support control tuneable white. Lutron support said they didn't see the protocol supporting that in the future. I could see Lutron being forced to add it as competitors add tuneable white or Lutron will be forced to lower Ketra light fixture prices.

    We prefer the light drivers on an open system vs a propriety system. Right now, I am leaning toward a Dali-2 driver. I am also planning to prewire cat cable to all the fixtures to be ready for low voltage. Do you think Digital addressing will be all wireless in the future?

    Thoughts on which protocol to go with?

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    If you want to nerd out on programming back end stuff, use open source Dali-2. DMX is old. That would be a big no for me. Digital is the residential version of ECO-system. HomeWorks Ketra is hands down the future. With HomeWorks your installer needs to do the initial Programming (commissioning) of the system. Once commissioned you will have an app to teak your system the way you want.

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