We've upgraded one of our clients from Illumination H8P5 to Homeworks QS HQP6-2 (Designer 15.13.3) and our setup consists of 7 x HQP6-2 processors and on one of these we have an old Q96 license link with 3 Q96 units controlling QED blidns.

After activation and transfer all works well and blinds are controlled by Keypads and even under Diagnostics/Shades.

However, as soon as they have a power cycle and power comes back on, the system looses controls over the blinds.

Meaning after waiting for 10 minutes for everything to come back up and running, the keypads are not able to operate the blinds.

In order to get the system working again, we need to run another activation and transfer.

We've recently replaced the 3 Q96 units with 3 brand new units and yet we still have the same issue.

Would really appreciate some feedback or support on how to solve this issue.