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Thread: RadioRa 2 stop working issue

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    RadioRa 2 stop working issue

    A few days ago my system stopped working. In diagnostics the repeater couldn't see any devices.

    So I reset the system, reset the devices, deleted the serials/activation and started over. The repeater still can't see devices to activate. So I brought my repeater from home and still have the same issue.
    I've never seen this problem before. How can I solve it?

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    Hope that someone can guide me to fix this issue

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    Have you tried activating the Main Repeater and a device in a new project file? There may be an issue with the existing file that is preventing the devices from being seen.
    If you continue to have issues please call into our 24/7 technical support line. 1-888-Lutron1(588-7661)

    We hope this helps!

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    If I'm reading what you're asking correctly, neither repeater is seeing your installed devices to allow you to activate them. If they've previously been activated to a repeater they have to be reset before they can be activated to a new one (or the same one after a reset)

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    RA2 diagnostics is a fairly slow program. Depending on the size of your system it could take a few minutes for it to update.

    I've seen a device or two go rogue and lose communication. Never an entire system though.

    As JCEnergy noted, you will need to do a full factory reset (triple tap, hold, triple tap) on the devices for the repeater to be able to see and activate them.
    Convergence Technologies Raleigh, North Carolina

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