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Thread: Pentair pool panel integration

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    Pentair pool panel integration

    Looking for a way to wirelessly have a Pentair pool panel control a receptacle for landscape lights both to turn it on and turn it off. The receptacle is about 130 feet away. I could put a Lutron switch at the transformer plug but I need an integration between the Pentair Screenlogic Connect app and Lutron.
    Appreciate any help. Hope I included enough info what I’m after


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    One possible solution is to use a third-party processor like RTI’s XP6 or XP81. These processors can interface with both the Lutron system and the Pentair pool panel, allowing them to communicate with each other. You would need to set up phantom controls on the Lutron system, which could then control the pool automation1.

    • Another option might be to use a Lutron wireless smart bridge. This device connects to your router and allows you to control various Lutron wireless switches and controllers. However, it’s unclear whether this solution would work with the Pentair Screenlogic Connect app.

    • Please note that these are just potential solutions and their effectiveness may vary based on your specific setup. It’s always a good idea to consult with a professional or reach out to the customer support teams of Lutron and Pentair for more accurate information.

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