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Thread: I am supposed to connect the Neutral, right?

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    I am supposed to connect the Neutral, right?

    Hello folks,

    This is probably a stupid question but I just dont want to make a mistake.

    I had three way switches that controlled the lights in a corridor. After a remodel, the wall one of the switches was on got demolished, so it is no more. The other one got turned into a single pole light switch. Now I am trying to install a Caseta DVRF-5NS at this switch together with a pico remote somewhere else to regain 3-way functionality.

    Inside this light switch, two neutrals are tied together, one capped black. The switch had one red, one light and ground connected.

    When installing the Caseta, ground from the box will go to ground. It doesnt matter where red and black goes, they are interchangeable with each other only, according to the manual. The blue will be capped. Should I connect the white from Caseta to the other two neutral in the box? I believe I HAVE TO but just wanted to double check.

    Below is how the wires look at the box...

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Thanks in advance.

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    Hello mtm13 and welcome to the forums!

    Yes, the DVRF-5NS requires a neutral connection. Please connect the white from the switch to the capped white wire bundle in the back. Finally, ensure that the hot wire is landing on the black wire of the DVRF-5NS. Unlike our dimmers, power must come in on black and load out on red.

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    Brandon! You are the best. Thank you very much. All working great. Much appreciated.

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