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Thread: Right Timer or not?

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    Right Timer or not?

    I have a 12-year-old exhaust fan in our bathroom for which we want a timer.

    I bought the Maestro MA-T51MN-LA and our wiring is Single-Location and matches the circuit type in illustration 3a of the installation guide with two black wires and the neutral present but not connected directly to the switch. That much seems just fine.

    BUT, the package says it "works with LEDs and high-efficiency exhaust fans." I doubt that ours is a high efficiency fan, so have I purchased the wrong switch or will this switch work with a standard exhaust fan too?

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    Hello. Thank you for reaching out to Lutron. We don't have any kind of approved list of fans to compare what you have to, but as long as you fit all the specs, based on what you have provided, it may work.

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