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Thread: Type of lighting

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    Type of lighting

    What equipment will I need to use the Caseta system to control a 12 volt lighting strip connected to a transformer that is plugged into a wall socket along with other 110 VAC lights also plugged into wall sockets in my home?

    We currently have an outdated ZWave system.

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    Hello Pokerplayer and welcome to the forums!

    We recommend utilizing the Outdoor Smart Plug model PD-15OUT-BL to switch this application. The specification sheet on this unit can be found here: Caseta Wireless Outdoor Smart Plug SPEC (3691195) (

    If dimming is desired, please provide the model number of the driver and if the transformer is electronic or magnetic. Also, the load should be directly wired to the dimmer. We do not recommend dimming an outlet for safety.

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