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Thread: Heater Switch

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    Heater Switch

    I'll be installing a 1,400 watt heater fan in my bathroom which will be on a dedicated 20 amp circuit. Is there a Caseta switch that can handle a load like that? I'm guessing not, but it would be nice to be able to have the bathroom heated up in the mornings before I go in there.

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    Hi F4ME!

    The PD-6ANS but you have to use a contactor between the heater fan and the switch.

    i can make a diagram for better understanding

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    Thanks evillalobos, what is a contractor I'm not familiar with that. And yes a diagram would be great!

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    This is the diagram.

    you can share the neutral and 120v Phase from the dedicated circuit, also the contactor should handle 1400W of the heater (1400 WTS/120V=11.6Amp).

    If the heater is 220V the diagram will be different.

    When the switch is ON the coil is close, the voltaje pass to the heater and all the load(1400 wts) is managed for the contactor. The switch only close/open the coil.

    also the PHPM-SW-DV-WH works in this case

    I'm not from the US, sorry if my english is not clear.
    Click image for larger version. 

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    Perfect thanks! Thats an excellent diagram and your English is just fine! So it's like a relay.

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