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Thread: Adding Sonos to RA2 system

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    Adding Sonos to RA2 system

    I am trying to integrate my Sonos with my RA2 system. Under "Works with Connect" is "Audioi- Sonos" with the message: "Lutron Connect now integrates with Sonos Home Sound System. When editing a keypad button, you can add your SONOS Rooms to play or pause music". There is nothing after this message and no option to integrate an existing system. Both my Sonos and RA2 system are on the same network. I have read both the Application Note #625 " Integrating a Sonos® System with RadioRA 2 and HomeWorks QS Systems"and the Lutron Connect Mobile App Guide; ​unfortunately my app looks completely different than the one in the Application Note. Are there any updated/current materials that explain how to integrate Sonos with RA2?

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    I'm using the Lutron RA2 app. Is it possible that the Sonos integration only works with the Lutron Connect app (which doesn't work with the RA2 system)?

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