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Thread: Recommended PAR30/R30 LEDs compatible with Caseta wall dimmer

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    Recommended PAR30/R30 LEDs compatible with Caseta wall dimmer

    I love my new Caseta dimmers - I've paired them up with Amazon Echo + Wink and can voice control the lights in half my house. Woo hoo!

    But I have a problem: my house is filled with PAR30 halogen lamps, which are starting to fail. So it's time to switch to LED, right?

    Sadly, the recommended LEDs found at aren't really helping me out. Pretty much all PAR30 (four) or R30 bulbs (five) listed are either not in the color range I want (2700k, ideally the "warm glow" style from Philips) or are way expensive or are simply not possible to find online.

    Has Lutron considered updating the recommended list with a more accurate selection of what major retailers like Amazon and Home Depot offer? I ask because Home Depot, for example, carries Philips 9W BR30 Warm Glow model #9290011555 but I learned this weekend that they cause a very loud, annoying buzz.

    But ordering each of the 9 recommended bulbs for $20 - $40/each (yikes!) from various online retailers that aren't as convenient as Amazon or Home Depot doesn't seem like a lot of fun: I'd likely end up wasting a lot of time and money discovering which of the 9 match the color profile, price point, and performance (ex: no buzz) that I'm looking for. I'd really appreciate some help!

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    The approved LED list is a "free" feature that Lutron provides when a manufacturer sends their lamps in for testing. Lutron does not charge for this service, or access to the information. I would search these forums and others online to see if someone has experience with the lamps you are looking to buy. Consulting your local electrical wholesaler may provide better information, as they may have tried things already and could provide guidance.
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