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Thread: Deleting room in app

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    Deleting room in app

    Can you delete a room from the system? I put a custom named room into the app that I subsequently decided was best used with different attributes, for a bathroom. That name had originally been assigned to a bedroom, but when I tried to add a bathroom exhaust fan, it would not allow me to select ‘exhaust fan’ as the device controlled by the switch. If I check the ‘hygiene’ usage for a room, that choice appears; not sure if this matters, but I’ve found that lack of precision in naming leads to confusion with voice control by Alexa. I deleted all devices from the Caseta system assigned to that room, and the room as expected disappeared from the list of rooms under devices, but when I attempted to add back a device and create a room with that name (this time with the desired attributes) it told me there was already a room by that name. Rooms don’t show on the list if there is no device assigned to them, but obviously continue to exist in the system. Is there any way to delete a room name from the system so that name can be re-used? Or is there any way to modify room type or usage? The only option I see to edit rooms is changing the name.

    as I type this, I realize a likely solution to the problematic ghost room is to move a device into it, then edit the name of the room to something I’m unlikely to need in the future (“White House Oval Office”), then move the device back to its proper location. The ghost room, being empty, should then no longer clutter my list, and I should then be able to re-use the name I want. But is there a more elegant way to do this by actually editing/deleting the room?

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    Hello dangarwood,

    You are correct. Currently, room names can only be renamed and not completely removed. We can understand the need for this option (maybe a swipe to delete gesture of some sort) and would be happy to forward this as a feature request.

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