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Thread: Time clock funny behavior

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    Time clock funny behavior

    Hey guys
    we recently finished a project in a total remote area from our office and when leaving the site the outdoor lighting was on timeclock and working fine. Now today the client called to advise that the lights do come on at night but in the morning they have to turn them off manually. Would you happen to know the reason? Has anyone experience something like that before.

    i can redo the timeclock programming sure but is need to know the cause because the project is jot exactly around the corner it's a flight away,

    really hope I could get some answera

    kind regards

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    Difficult to say without knowing exactly how you have programmed it

    But just to point out the obvious in case you haven't already checked - there needs to be a lights on event (which you seem to have set and works) and at some point afterwards there needs to be an off event (sunrise, fixed time of night etc.) - so this is either missing or if there is conditional logic etc. it's not happening for some reason

    Or if you are running a sequence, similarly make sure that the terminate step is turning lights off and the sequence run time doesn't exceed hours of darkness

    ...and if the customer wants support and you are so far away they should hopefully agree that you can set up some remote access - then it would be easier to check/change and test for problems that might come up like this - we all do stuff and it needs adjusting so this is not an unusual situation

    If you can run through how you have programmed it in a little detail I am sure someone will be able to help out


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    We would recommend verifying the system time is correct. If you use a command window and telnet into the main repeater you can send the command "gettime". This command will respond with the current time on the main repeater. If you need to adjust the system time you can send the command "settime,hr,min,sec".

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    If they have the iPad app, make sure that they haven't disabled or altered your time clocks. Also, set up a vpn on the system. You'll save yourself some headaches and cramped knees!

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