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Thread: HomeKit - Scene not working

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    Question HomeKit - Scene not working

    Hello all,

    I have found an issue where scenes that are setup in the Lutron app are not reading/writing to the HomeKit database. Accessories (Caseta dimmers), rooms and zones are working fine.

    I also have the "Home" app by Matthias Hochgatterer installed so that I can run other (non Lutron) HomeKit devices. Everything replicates between Home app and Lutron app on both my iPhone and my iPad. Everything that is except the scenes.

    As a test I installed the Elgato Eve app and the scenes that I made in Home show up, and visa versa. So this tells me that the Lutron app is that problem.

    Has anyone else noticed this?

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    I don't think Lutron's app currently supports scenes through HomeKit.

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    I guess in a good way, that means it's not broken... hopefully it will be supported in the future.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Otharcharr View Post
    hopefully it will be supported in the future.
    Agreed. It would be nice to be able to tell Siri to turn on a scene.

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    Quote Originally Posted by asherrick View Post
    Agreed. It would be nice to be able to tell Siri to turn on a scene.
    Yes, in speaking to Siri is where I noticed there was an issue, which is what prompted me to investigate further.

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    Currently, the Lutron Caseta app doesn't have the ability to trigger a scene via HomeKit/Siri. This is something on our list of things we are looking to develop. We don't have any timetable as to when this may become available.

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    Angry Any updates on this?

    It's more than a little frustrating that these Scenes are not available within Homekit.The Lurton Smart Hub works with so many other devices, it is the main draw behind going with this system. To learn that, most of those devices can't be controlled in a scene because Lutron doesn't share scenes with Homekit is a huge disappointment.I guess since this thread is 3 years old, it only proves that Lutron isn't that invested in keeping their system up to date.

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