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Thread: RA2 Maestro Dimmer for Lutron Tu-Wire ballast

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    Question RA2 Maestro Dimmer for Lutron Tu-Wire ballast

    Client has fluorescent lamps powered by Lutron Tu-Wire ballast and Lutron Diva dimmer model DVFTU-5A3P. Which RA2 Maestro dimmer could replace the DVFTU dimmer? I've read the Tu-Wire uses only two wires (as the name implies!) and dimming is performed through the hot wire using phase adaptation. That smells like a 6NA or 10ND would be the best candidates to replace the DVFTU. But curious to know what you all think. Thank you!

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    We would recommend using the RRD-10ND.

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    Indeed you are right. We installed the 10ND and it worked very well with the Tu-Wire ballast. We did, though, adjust the upper limit to 85% to limit the current, the dimmer tends to warm up if left on 100%.

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