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Thread: help with switches- retrofit

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    help with switches- retrofit

    Just got a 2yr old dumb house. Want lighting control, coming from hwi. With radio ra3, not sure how it retrofits where
    1 have 4 switches in 4 gang box.
    Most are 3 or 4 way in this location. Only 1 circuit is single switch, but want that to dim in scenes.

    Would want a 4 button scene switch but do not know if it has to connect to a load? Can it dim that load and then are other 3 buttons scenes,?

    What do I put where the 3 way and 4 way switches are?


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    Like HWI, can each of the seetouch buttons in the ra3 be programed with sucessive steps?
    for instance, steps with each suingle button press:
    sceen 25%
    sceen 50%
    sceen 75%
    sceen 100%
    scene 0%

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    spoke with tech help. disappointedly each button can only have a single scene, no sequences other than a toggle.

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