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Thread: The Devices Preset database was not updated

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    The Devices Preset database was not updated

    Hi all.

    Having an issue upgrading a RRD-6NA to version 9.3 - I continuously get the same error - "the devices preset database was not updated" - I've tried removing power and re-attaching with no luck. The device is right beside others that have updated without issue. Any suggestions?


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    When you say "removing power and re-attaching" are you just rebooting the dimmer?

    If a reboot doesn't do it, I'd try un-activating the device and then re-transferring.

    I have one device at home (older illumination) that will fall offline like this. It's frustrating because sometimes it lasts weeks, sometimes only days, and then I have to re-activate it.

    I think I've heard advice in the past that with issues like this, you can delete the device/zone etc from the database and then add it back in so it's more 'clean-slate'. You could try that too if you have the luxury of time.

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    This error can also occur when the device receives a corrupt data table. The only way to clear this is to delete the device out of your project file and then add it back in, re-activate and then transfer to the system again.

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