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Thread: Low voltage dimmer

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    Low voltage dimmer

    I'm replacing my low voltage track lighting with a dimmable LED light. I currently have a DVELV-300P Electronic Low voltage Single-Pole Preset Dimmer serving the track lighting. Can I continue to use this dimmer with my standard voltage LED fixture?

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    The DVELV-300P is rated to control up to 300W of incandescent or halogen lighting whether it's through an ELV transformer or if they are line voltage lights. However, this control is not rated for LED lighting, the LED rated version of this is the DVRP-253P which is rated for up to 250W of LED lighting loads.

    Do you have a make and model of the LEDs? It would be worth double checking the spec sheet of the lights to verify if the lights are compatible with a reverse phase/ELV dimmer or if you will need to use something else.

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