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Thread: Extracting project file from a 9.2 Main Repeater

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    Question Extracting project file from a 9.2 Main Repeater

    My client has 9.2 firmware installed on their Main Repeater and our Inclusive software is 9.3. When we try to extract the project file, we receive an error. We thought of updating the Main Repeater firmware through Inclusive, however, if we do so we are afraid to mess up the integration with Crestron that they currently have. As an example, every time we update a firmware on a Main Repeater, we need to redownload the system to the Home+ app. Similarly, we think that putting the Main Repeater to 9.3 will mess up the interface with Crestron. But we do need to program a new scene on this residence. What options do we have if we can only get a hold of 9.3 Inclusive? Thank you.

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    As long as your computer has internet access while you are trying to extract, using 9.3 will be fine. You can also download 9.2 from your myLutron account and then connect directly to the Main Repeater to try and extract that way also.

    When you are trying to extract, what error message are you receiving? Have you called and worked with our Radio Ra2 agents, they will be able to assist you in getting the file extracted.

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    So there was no way to extract a 9.2 file using Inclusive 9.3. Even with the laptop connected to the internet. The extraction process lists the Main Repeater, but then we get a "Unable to communicate with server, try in a few moments" when clicking on Extract. Anyways, Tech Support told me I needed to go to myLutron and under Legacy find all previous versions of Inclusive. Nevertheless, having to download older versions of Inclusive each time I find a legacy version Main Repeater is very time consuming.
    I suggested to upgrade the firmware of the Main Repeater in question while using Inclusive 9.3, but Tech Support told me not to do it, because it was going to wipe-out the Main Repeater programming. Are we sure about that???

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    Yes, if you perform a firmware update and have not yet extracted the project file the firmware update will clear the project file off of your Main Repeater. It is not the norm to see a failure when using a newer version of software while connected to the internet however, if there is anything that is cause a blockage of communication with Lutron's servers while attempting this it can fail and that leaves only two ways to get past it.
    - Option 1 is to download the same revision of software as what is on the Main Repeater currently and connect directly to the Main Repeater making sure no other network connections are present for instance Wi-Fi.
    - Option 2 is to find what is on the network between your computer or the router or other network equipment that may be causing a blockage of multi-casting.
    Note: Option 2 may not always be an easy task which is why we usually suggest Option 1 because it is usually quicker and easier than Option 2.

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