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Thread: Motion sensor Overide

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    Motion sensor Overide

    Has anyone had any luck with making a button on a keypad be able to change the state of an occ sensor, rather than using time clock events? Would be nice to have a button on a keypad that overides the current occ sensor mode without having to drill down via the app and change the time of the timeclock event to get the state to change on motion sensors from occ to vac sensor.

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    The Radio Ra 2 system does not support disabling motion sensors via keypad button presses. As you mention, this action is only possible via timeclock events. The functionality to enable or disable motion sensors via keypad button presses is available in the HomeWorks QS system via state variable or conditional programming.

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    You can pull this off using third party integration, but as far as I know, there is no way to do it natively in RA2. Using 3rd party, you have the ability to fire the timeclock events manually - so what you do is leave the motion sensor tied to the timeclock events (program them 1 minute apart or something), and then map those 3rd party commands to your button to fire the timeclock events - allowing you to change the mode of the motion sensor on demand. I'm doing this in my system using a small atom based server running eventghost with the plugin that I have been working on.

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