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Thread: Sunnata 3 way dimmer issue

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    Sunnata 3 way dimmer issue

    I'm having a weird issue with my new Sunnata 3-way dimmer and accessory switch. My previous set up was a 3-way switch going to a switched outlet. I took out the old box and put in a 2 gang box to add an extra outlet. Circuit is as follows: panel > outlet > outlet > 14/2 to the light > 14/2 to the accessory switch > 14/3 to the main dimmer (hopefully that all makes sense).

    Switches and lights function as expected, the weird part happens when I use the outlet. When I plug something into any of these four outlets the switch actuates and the lights turn on or off. If I plug in something like a vacuum that has its own switch, the switch on the appliance will control the lights. This doesn't seem to happen when I plug in a DC adapter like my Harmony Hub.

    Thoughts? I've checked the wiring multiple times. There are no shorts, the breaker doesn't trip, the same issue does not happen with other outlets on the circuit. So what am I missing? Something I'm not thinking about with the wiring? Issue with the switches? Ghost?

    Wiring is as below with the accessory switch in the middle and the dimmer on the right.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    When you say it was originally a switched outlet, does this mean that the outlet is no longer switched? Is the Sunnata controlling the outlets in any way? If you plug in a meter or tester into the outlet, can you use the dimmer to see if voltage changes?

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