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Thread: Non-insert RR Keypads?

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    Non-insert RR Keypads?

    With the older order forms for non-RR keypads, you could specify "insert-style" or "non-insert style" keypads.
    I prefer the look of non-insert keypads with custom faceplates. The option doesn't seem to exist any more on the keypad order form. Does anyone know if keypads like this can still be ordered, and if so, how?
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    Just use the Homeworks QS Engraving Order forms -

    The Homeworks QS button kits fit the RA2 Keypads perfectly....

    Do pay attention to the fact that these are the architectural style wallplates. They have the square corners. Whereas RA2 is mostly done with designer wallplates - rounded corners. You can order the corresponding/matching
    wallplates at the same time you order engraving - just let them know that is what you want.

    Love, love, love the metal wallplates and that is what I did in my own install. But most of my clients just want Gloss White.

    Good luck!

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    Thanks very much! So the engraving certificates can apply to any dimmer or switch from any of their product families? And will the same certificate get the designer wallplate for free too if you choose that style?

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    Yes - the engraving certificates apply to any keypad - Hybrid, tabletop controller &/or in-wall keypad whether it be RadioRA Classic, Homeworks Illuminations, RadioRA 2 or Homeworks QS. I think there is a fee for the wallplate but it was minimal the last time I placed an order.

    You can also order wallplates to be engraved for dimmers and switches too. That is a super nice feature if you can not talk someone into multiple keypads for their installation. At least by engraving the wallplates, the client can quickly find the right dimmer to turn on in a multi-gang
    wallbox. This can get a little spendy so do reach out to Lutron's engraving department to confirm pricing.

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    Thanks for the advice. I agree, engraved wallplates is a very nice touch.

    So just so i understand you, a 15-button tabletop remote takes just 1 certificate to engrave all 3 columns? Seems like a deal... would have thought it would cost one certificate per "column", or 3 total.

    Nice to know they've kept it simple - any engraving project (sans wallplate) for a single certificate.

    thanks again for your help DesignerGal!

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    One engraving certificate will do as small as a single button keypad to the 15 button tabletop or Graphic Eye with three shade columns.
    Simple automation when DIY isn't working

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