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Thread: Replacing older GRX-MR-6

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    Replacing older GRX-MR-6

    Hoping to get a little help on a project.
    Replacing an older Grafik Eye GRX-MR-6 with a new Grafik Eye QS Wireless to get that room added in to the home's existing Radio Ra 2 system. (right now that theater room is standalone... with it's own 6 lighting zones and a wired accessory keypad on another wall.)

    Should be pretty straightforward to swap the Grafik Eye units. However, the room has an auxiliary keypad, wired, connected to the old grafik eye. When I replace the Grafik Eye, can i wire up the older wall keypad to this unit just as is, or was there something about if you use a WIRED connection on the newer Wireless QS units, it disables wireless connections to it from Radio Ra? I can't recall exactly, but I remember somewhere hearing that you can't have a QS Grafik Eye with both a wired keypad and also wireless QS enabled?

    Need to know before I start if I'll have to replace that older wired keypad with a new RR keypad.


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    Hi Josh, yes when the Grafikeye QS is added into the Radio Ra2 system it will disable the QS connection on the back of the unit. You would need to replace the Aux keypad with a Radio Ra2 RF keypad. There is a way to power the keypad with low voltage if 120v is unavailable. Here is the link:

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    Thanks Mike, that's EXACTLY what I ran into... the realization that the old keypad junction box was only Class 2 wired... so that link and document is exactly what I needed. Really appreciate it.

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