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Thread: Recommended Dimmer for Single Switch 160W Multi-LED Panel Setup

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    Question Recommended Dimmer for Single Switch 160W Multi-LED Panel Setup

    In the attached electrical plan, 4 x 40W Dimmable LED Panels are connected in parallel to a single switch. The LED panels are NOT compatible with 0-10V dimmers. Product specifications list several dimmers, but none that meet our design specifications. Specifically, we would like a switch that comes in Gloss Black, has a dimmer slider, and has a rocker on/off mechanism that is compatible with the wiring diagram attached. Exact fixtures are Commercial Electric Item 1009410795. Any recommendations, and if so, how would you adapt it to the wiring system shown?
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    Hello rafe2486, welcome to the Forums. The dimmer that matches that specification (and based on the compatibility list provided by the manufacturer) would be model DVCL-253P-BL. This is a 250-watt, rocker-style dimmer with slide in Gloss Black. It is comparable to the DVCL-153P model listed on their suggested dimmers, just the 250W model instead of 150W to handle the wattage of 4 x 40W LEDs. The device can be installed single pole or 3-way, and is suitable for the installation described. See the below spec sheet for more information:

    We hope this helps!

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