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Thread: Motion sensors end time to return to dim (previous) instead of off.

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    Motion sensors end time to return to dim (previous) instead of off.


    I have some lights, indoors and outdoors, some are manually turned on and some scheduled or scenes (sometimes vacation schedules) that have them on low dim like a night light.

    Some of these same lights are also on a motion sensors, and I recognize I can set the motion sensor off level to the low dim instead of off.
    BUT because I also use sunset to midnight and other timed schedules, I really wish the motion sensor (short duration control) would return the lights to PREVIOUS setting it was on when it overrides the existing level and turn off.

    Of course with enough scheduling, it is possible to come close to desired illuminations.

    What would be quite functional is in the Motion sensor programing dropdowns for each light , right next to the "unaffected" button would be a NEW button for "Previous" that would return it to previous setting.

    i.e. Several Front Yard lights are on a 20% from dusk till 11pm. If motion during night turn on 100% for 5 minutes.....(then return to PREVIOUS; (20% till 11pm or off after 11pm)

    If there are any other programing tricks for dual level or way to have the motion sensor trigger a scenes, I would appreciate the info.
    Note I also have a fountain pump on a motion sensor and wish I could decouple off at dawn for light on same circuit, fixed this with a photocell, but would prefer SW or hardware sometimes.


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    I’ve also wanted this feature; I have some accent lights that come on at a reduced level in the evening, then shut off overnight, then on at low level before sunrise, and brighten to full via motion sensor when occupancy in the immediate area occurs. As it stands now I can only use the motion sensor set to one state. There are also instances where the motion sensor normally triggers a short on cycle, such as hallways, closets, pantry, but you might have already turned the lights on and not want them to shut off as normally programmed . But the system would have to have either memory in the hub to track what the previous state of the switch/dimmer was, or upload to the cloud. Not sure if the hardware design could accommodate this.

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    We can understand the practicality of this feature. To dangarwood's point, having something like this would most-likely require some reworking of the Caseta hubs architecture. I will be happy to forward this feedback to our app development team as a feature request.

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    +1 to both scenarios. This seems to be the biggest gap in e2e use of stand-alone motion sensors and diva smart switches for me. I don't want evening scenes to be disrupted by vacancy sensor deactivated lights.

    Resume to previous setting should be there for smart switches, same as it's in non-smart occupancy sensor Lutron switches. I know it should be possible to remember that state cause Pico paddle does that on its first click)

    Best, MM

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