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Thread: Caseta compatible duplex switch?

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    Caseta compatible duplex switch?

    I have a room with a duplex switch in a single gang box, with dual sideways toggle switches. One controls ceiling can lights, the other controls a ceiling fan. I’d like to be able to automate the lights; Smart Control of the fan isn’t needed. Does Lutron make a Caseta-compatible duplex switch? If not, how about a duplex switch with smart lighting component, that can integrate with Alexa or Apple Home?

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    Hello dangarwood, thank you for your question. Currently, Lutron does not offer a duplex/dual/stacked device in Caseta or any of our smart lighting product families. We hope to continue innovating in order to meet this need in the future! To explore current Caseta products, see the below link:

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    @JoyL I also vote for seeing duplex/dual/stacked device Caseta switches some day.

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