I am trying to set up programming for an exhaust fan to be turned on and off by means of a Faradite 360 motion sensor.

The gear being used is:
Faradite 360 motion sensor with dry contact closure.
QSE-CI-WCI wallbox closure input. Using terminals 1 & 8 input for the Faradite sensor. QSE-CI-WCI is wired into the QS link on the keypad loop and has been activated.
QSE-IO is used for the output closures to control a relay setup to control the line voltage of the exhaust fans. These have a separately derived 12-volt control through the contact closure to drive the relays.

Now, first, in the programing of the QSE-CI-WCI device, I am having trouble understanding which assignable item to use here and which button type to select using the Faradite closure input.
Second, when I am in the design tab the Faradite (third party occupancy) says “Not Assigned”. Is this because we would be just using the closure of it and not wired directly to a QSE-IO input?

I am having trouble understanding how this should be programmed.

Thank you