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Thread: MLV Load types/values

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    MLV Load types/values

    Sorry if this is a dumb question... but couldn't find it in the RR training materials.

    If I have a zone that is an MLV transformer, what values do I enter into RR-Essentials when it asks for wattage and number of lamps? Say I have a 150w transformer driving 10 4W LEDs... do I put the 10 and 4 into the software for lamps and wattage, or just put 1 "lamp" at 150W since that is actually what the dimmer will be controlling - the transformer.

    Or, does it even matter? Does the software just use these values to make sure you aren't over- or under-loading the dimmer/switch, or does it actually do something different in the electronics based on total wattage?


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    Hi Josh, the software does not require the wattage of the fixture be put in to the software for the dimmer to function. It will let you know if an interface is required for that load though. When using MLV transformers we recommend adding 20% to the total load being controlled. So in this case if you're controlling 40 watts of LEDs then we'd suggest putting 48 watts for the total wattage.

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