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Thread: RAClassic Upgrade Program

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    RAClassic Upgrade Program

    Is the RA Classic upgrade program still open for 2016? What would be roughly the homeowner savings ?
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    I haven't heard of the upgrade program being available this year. I would call the customer service line at 1-888-LUTRON1 and follow the prompts for RadioRA2. Homeowner savings are determined by Lutron in the past. Send in a BOM for the replacement system and a detailed list of the existing system and Lutron would send you what the rebate will be. Homeowner pays for the complete system, then returns the old system to Lutron to receive the rebate.

    WAY back, it was 20% on the one for one replacement and 10% on any additional material. Not sure if that is what they are still doing.
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    Thanks for quick reply - I called they're gone till Monday; so the owner gets a check for 20% of Lutron List price ?

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    ciuped, the upgrade program is still going on this year. The amount of saving will vary based on what they currently have in their system.

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