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Thread: Complete Lutron beginner asks typical newbie question

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    Complete Lutron beginner asks typical newbie question

    Folks - I'm relatively new electrician in the UK with very little knowledge of the Lutron systems, hoping someone can help me.

    I was installing some new garage lighting at a Customers and having done that, the Customer asked me to investigate why his kitchen and dining room LED ceiling lights would no longer dim.

    I learned that the LED ceiling lights in these rooms had been recently changed from 50W halogen (which had dimmed succesfully) to LED.

    I checked the dimmer switches which were LED compatible and then found the Luton dimming boxes in the picture (link below, sorry couldnt seem to upload pictures)

    My assumption is that the Lutron equipement is very old and does not support LED dimming, but would really appreciate some clarification or advice.

    Cheers all.


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    Lutron Technical Support
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    Jan 2021
    Unfortunately, I'm not able to open the links that you sent but would you be able to provide model numbers of the Lutron equipment you are using? This would give us an idea on what's being used and what the solution would be for using LED lighting loads.

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    Thanks Garret, unfortunately I couldnt see any model number or serial numbers.
    I've made this link public, would you be kind enough to try this please?

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    Lutron Technical Support
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    Jan 2021
    The pictures provided do not appear to be Lutron panels. Would it be possible for you to email our EA Technical Support team more pictures of the modules inside of the panel? Those may be Lutron devices. Their email address is .

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    Thanks Garret, I will, apprreciate your advice/

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