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Thread: DVRF-6L Failure to control lighting at all

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    Question DVRF-6L Failure to control lighting at all


    I was excited to find a smart dimmer switch that doesn't require a neutral wire because my 1860 farm house doesn't have neutral wires.

    I followed the instructions for installing the DVRF-6L (which I bought as DVRFW-6L-WH-A) and flipped the circuit breaker on.

    The lights came on, but very dimly lit. The switch does absolutely nothing--won't turn them off, won't dim or increase the brightness.

    I've found nothing in the FAQs or forum posts about this. Any ideas?


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    Hi Dogen,
    There are typically a couple things we would want to take a look at when that happens.
    What type of lights are you attempting to use. If LED see if you can get a Brand and a model number and then compare that to the Lutron LED compatibility page found here: LED Compatibility Tool | Lutron
    If you can get a hold of an older incandescent or halogen take of of the bulbs out and put that in to test that will usually clear things up too.

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