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Thread: Correct control/switch for Hi-lume A-Series driver and 1.5A G4 bulbs

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    Correct control/switch for Hi-lume A-Series driver and 1.5A G4 bulbs

    I have two bedroom pendants each with their own Hi-lume A-Series driver (max 40W), and each with 7 1.5A G4 bulbs connected through separate strand wires. After connection, I was recommended to use the RRD-8S-DV as the control, but the control did not power on the lights. I would find out later that the RRD-8S-DV has a minimum 40W load (which makes no sense as the LED driver is max 40W). We have also tried using the RRD-6CL with no luck.

    Can someone please point out which would be the correct control to use? Thank you.

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    Good afternoon ingan,

    In order to best answer your question would you be able to provide the full model number of the A-Series LED driver and the make and model of the G4 bulbs you are controlling? It appears that the majority of G4 products require a 12V ac signal which our LED drivers are unable to provide, but a transformer would. We have also found a few G4 products that are rated for both AC and DC voltages, however due to the internal construction of these types of devices they do not operate very well and are not recommended by us for use with our drivers.

    Please let me know if you have any questions.

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