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Thread: New Lutron Caseta Switches Not Carrying Over to HomeKit (old switches ok)

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    New Lutron Caseta Switches Not Carrying Over to HomeKit (old switches ok)

    Been using my Lutron Caseta system for many many years and have 55 active devices across the original dimmer switches, pico remotes, lamp outlets, and two motion detectors. Little to no issues over the years. Every time I added a new device it would quickly show up in HomeKit.

    We just went through a kitchen remodel and I had to swap two old dimmer switches for a different color and add a new third one. For the first time I'm trying the new Diva Smart Dimmer Switches.

    Installed the new switches today, paired them with the Lutron app with no issues. Via the Lutron app I can turn on/off/dim with no problems. Good to go. I headed over to the Home app to get them set up with my HomeKit Automations. The three new switches are not showing up. The two old switches that I swapped out are still in there (I removed them from the Lutron app) with "No Response" as their status. The third brand new switch is not showing either. The rest of my 50+ Lutron items are showing up fine and working in the Home App. Things I did:

    • Rebooted the apps.
    • Pulled the plug and rebooted the Lutron Smart Hub
    • Updated the firmware of the three new devices in the Lutron app
    • Renamed the new devices in the Lutron app just to see if it triggered anything
    • Checked other rooms in the Home app (I know in the past things show up in "Default Room")

    Despite all this, the three new wall switches won't show up in Home. Does anyone have any advice? In the past it just auto-synced...but not now. It's easy for me to say that since it's the first time using the Diva switches that it could be those, but I doubt the model makes a difference.

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    Hello MiddKid,

    Sorry to hear that HomeKit was causing you trouble. Luckily enough, there is a full reset procedure that can hopefully take care of this for you. First, open the Home app an navigate to the "..." in the upper right > Home Settings > Home Hubs & Bridges > Please tap on the Smart Bridge and Remove Bridge from home.

    Once the hub has been removed, please head over to the Caseta hub and locate the black button. Press and hold the black button on the back of the Lutron Hub for 40 seconds. Use a stop watch if necessary. If you hold the button for 45 seconds or more, the reset will not be performed. At the 20 second mark, you should see the LED light ring around the hub start to flash. Ignore this initial flash and keep holding the button. At 40 seconds, the Hub will flash again. This second flash is when you should immediately let go to perform the HomeKit settings reset on the Caseta Hub. The button must be released while the light ring is flashing.

    Now that HomeKit has successfully been reset, it can be relinked to the Caseta hub. Please open the Lutron app and tap Settings > Integrations > Apple HomeKit and proceed with reestablishing their connection.

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