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Thread: .Net C# Leap -

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    .Net C# Leap -

    If anyone has any experience using any .Net language (preferably C#) and connecting to and authenticating with a LEAP hub I could use your assistance.

    An example of how you successfully chained the certs together to establish the connection would be immense. Willing to contract out if needed.

    Thanks, Dave...

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    Hi Dave! I'm building right now full-fledged LEAP API client. I'm unable to contact you via private message, so please drop me a text at adrian.sp4mbox gmail account

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    Hey Dave,

    I've worked with C# as a C# programmer for hire for a few years now, and I've had some experience with connecting to various hubs, including LEAP. The process can be a bit tricky, especially when it comes to chaining certs correctly for authentication. I don't have a direct snippet of code on hand to share, but I found that ensuring the order of the certificates in the chain and verifying each step of the connection were key to making it work smoothly.

    If you're still running into issues, I'd be happy to help you out further or discuss the possibility of working together on this. Feel free to reach out with more details about what specifically is tripping you up!


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