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Thread: Sunnata Keypad - Dim a Scene?

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    Question Sunnata Keypad - Dim a Scene?

    I have a newly installed RadioRA 3 system and I will be working with my installer to tweak the setup. I want to be able to activate a scene with a Sunnata keypad button press and then - optionally - dim that scene.

    Is this possible in RA3? I have to imagine they have a way to do this....?! I was pretty sure that in RA2 you could dim a scene (all the lights associated with the button). I believe it was called Cycle-Dim.

    Can my installer allow me to dim a scene without having to use the Lutron app or "waste" another keypad button just for a different light level of the same scene?

    If it is not possible out of the box what is the best method to achieve this?

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    Good evening,
    So that should be possible with a keypad with a raise and lower option. Something like the RRST-W3RL. When you push one of the buttons to go to the Scene or setting then you can use the raise and lower to raise or lower the selected scene as long as the units in that selection are actually dimmers and not switches.

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    That is so strange that the cycle-dim functionality was removed in Ra3.

    I wish my installer had offered the RRST-W3RL keypads. I understand I would "lose" a scene but the usability is terrible without this functionality as you are stuck with whatever the default brightness is unless you use the app which is not convenient for frequently-used spaces/scenes.

    Thank you for your reply.

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