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Thread: help identify gray lutron diva dimmer that has neutral wire connection

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    help identify gray lutron diva dimmer that has neutral wire connection

    In a commercial office, having some fancy LED recessed ceiling lights - the kind I thought I heard were DC lights and each light was like $100 and there's a box in the ceiling that converts 120VAC to DC to the lights.
    A gray dimmer was used on the wall, and has worked for a few years no problem. Lately lights were flickering so we suspected the one dimmer switch on the wall, so we replaced it with a lutron diva dimmer purchased from lowes (and problem persists).

    But, the existing gray lutron diva dimmer that was installed when the office was built, has a white neutral wire connection built into it, in addition to the black hot wire and red load wire. I don't think there was a provision for ground on the dimmer, the green ground wire(s) in the box were not connected to it.
    The dimmer got thrown out before I could really look at it and get a model number or something, all I remember is it had "lutron diva" on it and was gray.

    Can anyone let me know specifically what model dimmer that could've been?

    And what would be the purpose of that neutral to the dimmer, because it wasn't a smart dimmer nor did it have any light within it. thanks.

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    Hello. What you could have had was a DVELV-303P or a DVRP-253P, which are both reverse phase dimmers. Reverse phase dimmers require a neutral connection for operation, unlike their standard forward phase counterparts. If you could provide a model of the lights, we could assist with confirming if they are in fact ELV (electronic low voltage) lights.

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    You can use the DVELV-303P or the DVRP-253P, both of which are inverting dimmers. Unlike standard normal phase dimmers, inverting dimmers require a neutral connection to operate. If you can provide a lamp sample, we can assist in confirming whether it is indeed an ELV (Low Voltage) lamp.geometry dash meltdown

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