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Thread: PD_OSENS Sensor

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    PD_OSENS Sensor

    Greetings, this is my first post here on the forum. I have a Lutron smart switch (PD-6WCL) paired to the PD-OSENS sensor. I am trying to set it up in vacancy mode so that the lights have to be turned on manually but shut off automatically. I have tried a bunch of different combinations but have not had any luck. Unfortunately, the instructions that come with the sensor are absolutely no help with this. Can someone please guide me through this? Thank you.

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    Press and hold the small button on the back of the sensor that is beneath the column labelled "Auto-On" until the green indicator light starts blinking. Release the button once the green indicator light is blinking. Press the same button until the indicator light is blinking at the bottom row to indicate "Auto-On Disabled". Release the button when the bottom indicator light is blinking. Press and hold the button until the bottom blinking indicator light turns solid.

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    Thank you. I was trying to do it from within the app and it wasn't behaving.

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