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Thread: Siri Yes or No for QS

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    Siri Yes or No for QS

    So it seems there hasn't been to much talk from Lutron on the next step for QS to go Homelink compatible . Frankly I think anyone not going down this path soon will be left in the dust. It seems clients out there are screaming for Siri control of there existing QS system. As they should with the cost of installing a large system they should enjoy the benefits of the smaller systems already with Siri.

    This past week a colleague and myself set out on a mission to make this work. Our goal was to start small getting Siri to control a single light reliably with minimal hardware, We are fortunate to have a client who will pay and support R&D on his residence. I am happy to report that we were able to accomplish this and much more this week. We now have lights working with feed back to a Homelink compatible app (MyTouchHome). We were able to accomplish this control with 1 apple tv 1 vm box running linux and OpenHab open source software. We are now making the leap to move the control over to Crestron and let that handle the communication between all of the systems we want to control. It looks like having Crestron manage the amount of integration we want will make the most sense for us. However if there was no Crestron and a client wanted Siri to control lights or anything that is controlled by Homeworks QS it can be done with minimal hardware but programing is a little painstaking.

    This brings me to the question why is Lutron behind on this with there more "High End" systems but all over the Apple world with there less expensive systems making seamless control. It's tough to explain to a client who just spent 100,00 on lighting control that the cassette from Home Depot will work with Siri but not your system. I think there must be an underlying issue of why this hasn't come to market yet for us.

    If it can be done this easily in the field surely Lutron Engineering could have rolled this out by now. Hopefully we will hear something soon either way but IMHO manufacturers not bringing this to market will be left behind.

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    I apologize I ment to use the word HomeKit instead of Homelink in previous post Hopefully most of you understood I was talking about HomeKit not Homelink.

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