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Thread: Simple newbie question

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    Question Simple newbie question

    I have a closet with a single overhead light controlled with a string. I don't want to open the old plaster wall and ceiling to install a wired switch. Can I use Caseta to mount a switch on the wall to control the light? If so, how?

    Thanks in advance for any guidance.

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    Cas├ęta switches are designed to be installed into a standard single-gang wallbox and require wiring be ran from the light fixture and from the circuit breaker to the switch's wallbox. As far as location of where the switch can be mounted, we recommend contacting your local authority that has jurisdiction to determine if this installation location is within code.

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    Unswitched closet light

    You can use surface mounted conduit(wiremold) to connect a surface mounted switch box installed switch to an extension box where the light is mounted.
    The colored wire currently feeding the light should now feed the switch and a second wire from the switch would feed the light. The white wire should remain connected to the light.
    If you have a green or bare wire another to the switch should be added.

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