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Thread: Multi-user Geofencing

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    Apple iOS 11 Home app will be smart enough to keep tabs on all your family members and won't turn off lights if you leave, but others are still home. You will need to set up all "Away" scenes with the Home app rather than the Lutron app.

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    The best way if you have multiple smartbrige is to use a third party integration like homeseer or other.

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    What I do not understand is why Lutron doesn't support times when the geofencing happens. It does do at night for leaving but not returning. So its daytime and I want certain lights on when I come home but only at night. Now it will come on 24/7

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    Quote Originally Posted by lantzpantz View Post
    I was really disappointed by this as well. I bought it for automating but I guess it was made only for single people :)
    It works with IFTTT now. Iíve found that Life360+Lutron applet in IFTTT accomplishes this:

    If last family member leaves HOME (Life360), then activate scene LIGHTS OFF (Lutron).

    Also with this you donít all need an iPhone as Life360 is cross compatible.

    Hope that helps!

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