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Thread: Colored tubes to hide wires for wired installation

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    Question Colored tubes to hide wires for wired installation

    I'm very stupid about this. I was told I'm getting Serena honeycomb shades, but the estimate just says 'Lutron Honeycomb,' so I'm not sure. I have 6 foot high windows and I'm 71 years old and not good with heights, so I'm choosing the plug-in option for all shades. I am told the 15 foot wire coming out of the top of the shades is black. I want to use colored plastic tubes to hide these wires, and I want a variety of colors to better blend in with the paint in each room.

    Where can I find such a product? Does Lutron make them? I don't think so, based on a search of Lutron accessories. What do people do to hide wires?

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    Hello. The 15ft cable that comes with the wired shades is actually white, not black. Unfortunately, Lutron does not have any kind of plastic tubes to hide or color this cable.

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