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Thread: Combining Pico Keypad with HomeWorks QSX

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    Combining Pico Keypad with HomeWorks QSX

    Hello Community,

    I am currently in discussion with a local Lutron dealer for an upcoming HomeWorks QSX retrofit of my 75sqm (~800sqft) apartment. I am mainly going to have Palladiom keypads installed in the different rooms, however, I would like to realize the following scenario which I would like to briefly describe, including the suggestion from the dealer, but I ideally would like to get a confirmation here from you.

    So, my bedroom has a custom-made headboard affixed to the outer wall of my condominium apartment. There is a LED light strip on top of the headboard which is currently connected to a 'dumb', third-party dimmer/switch.

    I have attached here the lighting design for my retrofit project. Due to space/storage constraints in my apartment, we cannot fit everything into a cabinet. Hence, we assign the necessary hardware into three different service panels located above the false/low-hanging ceiling. Only the 'core' components e.g. processor etc. go into a kitchen cabinet.

    The Lutron dealer suggested that the LED light strip (number 11 on the attached diagram) needs to be hardwired to the nearest service panel - is that correct? Maybe I have a wrong understanding but I was under the assumption that the LED strip is connected to the actual Pico keypad (KP8) which then connects to the wireless module (QSM1)?

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    The overall challenge with the headboard is that it is affixed to the outer wall which I am not allowed to cut into. Also, the headboard base is made of a high-quality wood and a nice fabric which I am not eager to drill into to somehow be able to run wires from the LED to the service panel.

    Any suggestions/advice on this topic or even the overall suggested design is appreciated.

    With Regards,

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    A Pico is not a dimmer- it is only a keypad- it cannot control the lighting load on its own. You need a dimmer hooked up to your lights in order to be able to control it from the Pico. So you would tie it to your 4A5 module as an output and then it would be controllable from the Pico.

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    Appreciate your feedback johnmax.

    I did some more research and I was told that I could use a hybrid repeater in conjunction with a in-line dimmer connected to the LED light strip, is that correct? That way I could use the Pico keypad for the dimming and without having to pull a wire from LED light strip to the nearest service panel.
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