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Thread: Ketra recommendations

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    Ketra recommendations

    Hi All,

    I am considering implementing as a retrofit in my home. I thinking it makes sense to implement in the following rooms:
    • Kitchen
    • Great Room
    • Inlaw Living Room / Kitchen
    • Master Bedroom
    • Dining Room
    • Game Room
    • Bar
    • Theater
    • Atrium
    • Master Bath

    I am considering not implementing in these rooms:
    • Exercise Room
    • Guest Bedrooms (We use them 1 or 2 times a year)
    • Guest Bathrooms
    • Closets

    On the fence:
    • Breakfast Room
    • Inlaw Bedroom
    • Inlaw Bathroom
    • Hearth Room
    • Possibly a couple of art piece lights

    I am curious when Ketra dealers / lighting designers do a Ketra implementation, do you typically do 100% or only do the "high value / high impact rooms.

    Very interested in feedback and/or recommendations.

    Thank you

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    We always encourage doing the whole home. That way you won't get different color temps clashing against each other. If you are trying to be more value engineered use Ketra in whole rooms (areas). More so in the areas with glass, Ketra. Most clients are budget restricted.

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