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Thread: Options for increasing Caseta Samrt Hub Device Limit

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    Lightbulb Options for increasing Caseta Samrt Hub Device Limit

    Hello everyone,

    Newbie question here I'm sure has already been asked numerous times .............

    I set up and have been using the Lutron Caseta system with smart hub in my 1280 square foot home for a number of years now, having replaced the previous unreliable X10 gear. The Caseta system in general has exceeded my expectations in terms of cost and performance, however, I'm now at my max limit of 75 devcies. It's amazing how quickly one can use up all the allotted space on the Smart Hub with Light and Fan controls, Outdoor plug and lamp modules, occupancy sensors and Pico remotes! I'm in need of half a dozen or more device addresses, and looking for the most convenient and cost effective method of achieving it.

    A second hub won't do the job as it would be a totally stand alone system and there is no cross connection in regards to schedules, scenes, Pico remotes etc. I considered an RA2, but some of my currently installed Caseta controls (like fan speed for example) appear to be incompatible, not to mention the additional hardware expense of the repeater and the PITA of reprogramming everything. It's also my understanding that the R2A would have to be professionally programed.

    Then I discovered the 4 button Pico Scene Remotes, and thought perhaps a few of these would just do the trick. If I'm not mistaken, One 4 button remote like the PJ2-4B-GWH-P03 "Any Room" could be used to control multiple devices (at the very least least an on / off for two separate dimmers or outdoor plugs for example) but would only count as one device on the hub. This would free up addresses for additional smart plugs and dimmer controls if I understand correctly. I could delete a few existing regular Pico remotes and replace them with 4 button Pico Scene remotes. Not to mention the added bonus of creating /activating scenes as secondary consideration with the All Room Pico Remotes.

    Question is, have I got the right idea? Or is there a simpler cost effective path to glory? I'm not interested in anything that requires a cloud account. Outside of the limited device count, I'm completely satisfied with the Caseta System.

    Thanks for looking and appreciate your learned advice.


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    The Lutron Caséta system is not compatible with RA2 Select / Radio RA2 / Radio RA3. Changing to any one of those systems would require all new hardware.

    Based on your description, the 2 group on/off Pico Scene Remote (model # PJ2-4B-GWH-L21) may be a good option for you. Or any of the P01/P02/P03 Pico Scene Remotes. It's worth noting that the 4 button L41 Pico is not compatible with Caséta as this system does not support same button toggling.

    Another option, depending upon how many 3-way and 4-way applications you have on site, is to use the new Diva Smart Dimmer (DVRF-6L) or Claro Smart Switch (DVRF-5NS, neutral required) with the Claro Accessory Switch (DVRF-AS) for 3-way and multilocation circuits. Although the load controller (DVRF-6L/5NS) will count as a device, none of the Accessory Switches (DVRF-AS) add into the Lutron app or count against the system's 75 device limit.

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    Thanks a million Jonathan for your prompt response and valuable information. It's unfortunate there isn't greater hardware compatibility across the various platforms, but reassuring to know I'm on the right path for adding just a few more devices to my already maxed out Caséta system. Fortunately I only have one application for a 3-way swich, with a dimmer switch on one side of the room and a Pico remote installed in the box on the other side -awesome solution.

    Greatly appreciate your help!


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