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In one use case, my living room has table fixtures and fixtures in the balcony. But because of the limits, the balcony is in the upstairs bridge, thus I can't have a single scene that controls the living room illumination. I have to do a bit of back and forth with Siri to control the balcony.
How are you creating the scene? Is this a Lutron scene or a HomeKit scene?

My understating was that all the devices from either bridge show up in HomeKit directly. I don't have two hubs currently. Using a HomeKit scene should be able to have lights from both hubs then. Just like a HomeKit scene can have devices from different manufacturers.

A Lutron scene restricted to one hub makes sense.

Assuming that works moving any scene from Lutron to HomeKit and only creating new scenes in HomeKit would solve the problem. HomeKit wouldn't care how many hubs you have. Only the Lutron native app is restricted.