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Thread: PD-5NE minimum low-end trim much higher than PD-6WCL

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    PD-5NE minimum low-end trim much higher than PD-6WCL

    I replaced a PD-6WCL with a PD-5NE for 4 LED ceiling lights. When I adjust the low-end trim per the Advanced Installation Guide, the minimum (dimmest possible) setting on the PD-5NE is much brighter than it was with the PD-6WCL. Is this expected, or is this PD-5NE defective? I expected the PD-5NE to dim at least as well; it doesn't meet my dimming needs and gets nowhere near the dimming limit of the LEDs. Is there some undocumented way to get the PD-5NE to use a lower low-end trim?

    I tried both dimmer phases. When I set up the PD-6WCL (many times, with many LEDs), the dimmest low-end trim setting will turn off the LEDs completely (after which I bump it upward until stable, per the instructions). When I set up the PD-5NE with the same LEDs, the lowest low-end trim setting is approximately as bright as setting the brightness in the app to 20% on a properly trimmed PD-6WCL. I've tried with a couple models of Commercial Electric 65W equivalent LEDs. I replaced the PD-6WCL due to a pulsing behavior that started recently and some buzzing.

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    The low-end trim can only be adjusting using the steps found the Cas├ęta Advanced Installation Guide. To determine if the PD-5NE is defective, or if the issue is being caused by something else, can you test this dimmer with an incandescent lighting load or with tested and compatible LEDs from This will help to eliminate the potential of LED incompatibility causing issues while troubleshooting this dimmer.

    Also, do you have the model number of the Commercial Electric LED lights you were using with the PD-5NE as the buzzing and humming of the previous PD-6WCL points towards a potential incompatibility issue.

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