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Thread: "Unaffected" invisible in Level Editor

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    "Unaffected" invisible in Level Editor

    Something that comes up occasionally with customer scene editing that would be a useful addition - again, may be on a development to do list but thought I would put it out there

    If a zone is added to a button, the customer has to set a level for that zone using the level editor - in other words the customer cannot move zones in and out of control as they all have to be controlled, even if its off. It would be useful to add zones that the customer might want to change at some point in the future.

    E.g. Living room button may one day just control downlights, but another time the customer might want it to control downlights, pendant and wall lights as a scene - I have to go back and add these zones to allow this because if they are already assigned they would have to be set to off. If the customer could see and change zone states to/from "unaffected" this would be useful

    Just saying
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    Thank you for this feedback. We will forward this information on adding and removing loads from scenes in the Lutron Home Control+ app to our development team for consideration on a future release of the application.

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