First off this is not a Lutron job but this is the best forum I know for good discussion. If someone can point me to a good LED board thanks.
Job is controlled with Crestron but i don't believe this is a Crestron issue.
Really interested in experience with M16 LED.

A: 2 Juno new construction about 8 years old in master bed. Installed TCP LED MR16. Worked good for about 6-9 month then got a call about a month ago of "I smell smoke"
Took can apart. Trans was smoked in both cans and LED's are dead. Replaced with new TCP trans and bulbs.
B: 2 Juno remodel in bed #2. Same age. Same bulbs. Called in last week. Trans on both dead. Replaced with new cans and Green Creative.

Getting concerned it will happen in more cans so called Juno tech. He said they don't even test MR16 in their magnetic cans because they need 20-50 watts to run proper. Said this will happen in more cans.

Anyone with issues like this? 90% off MR16 installed are mag. Even if you meet min on the control each trans is way under wattage.