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Thread: Options for Fan Control with RadioRA 3

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    Options for Fan Control with RadioRA 3

    I'd like to support fan control in a house full of Sunnata dimmers and keypads. The RadioRA 3 supported fan control (RRD-2ANF) is not consistent looking with the Sunnata dimmers and will not look good next to Sunnata's in the same switchbox. I'm thinking I could put the RRD-2ANF in the attic and control the fans with a Pico, but it doesn't look like that is a supported option since the Pico fan control is not listed here: System Devices | RadioRA 3 by Lutron. I could use the Sunnata RRST-8ANS switch for on/off control and do the rest by pull-chain....but 3 of the fans are 20 feet overhead, so, not a great option. I could also put the RRD-2ANF switch in the attic and control them by the Lutron App. But a simple turning on or off the fan will require loading up the app. Again, not a great option.

    What are people doing to support ceiling fans with Sunnata switches? Is the Maestro fan control typically being installed next to Sunnata's in the switch box? Ick.

    Does the Pico fan remote really work with the RRD-2ANF for on/off/raise/lower fan control with RadioRA 3, even though it isn't listed?

    Any options I haven't thought of?

    Any insight would be appreciated.


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    Hi Dumello,

    For something like this, we would advise having a fan speed control mounted up near the fan itself and then have a Sunnata 3 or 4 button keypad at the switch location itself, with each button set as one of the fan speeds available from the fan speed controller. In this configuration, you could also consider hiding the switch with the fan controller and having just the keypad operate the room.

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