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Thread: RR-3PD Dimming Module - Cant activate

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    Question RR-3PD Dimming Module - Cant activate


    I have a brand new RR-3PD dimming module I am attempting to activate on Ra3. I added a Pico 4 button just fine, I assume the center button on the underside is the "tap" switch you are supposed to hold for 6 seconds? Design is built, module is added to a room.

    Am I missing something obvious here?


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    Hi Radio,
    When you are trying to activate this RR-3PD how far is the RR-3PD from the Ra3 processor. If it is more than 30 ft, then that will be too far from the unit and needs to brought into within 30ft of the unit. If that is not possible the best option would be putting an Aux repeater (RR-AUX-REP) to extend the RF range so it reaches the dimming module.
    If within range, try doing a factory default anyways it is possible it was linked to something previously such as the afore mentioned Pico remote. In order to factory default the unit please see the bottom right of this document under “Returning a Plug-In Module to Factory Settings”

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